Solutions to Keeping Man's Best Friend Protected
Preparing for Vactaion: Pet Sitting vs Boarding

Fido and Fluffy are a family’s best friends, and deciding what to with them while you go on vacation is always a challenge. Do you hire a pet sitter, or take them to the local boarding facility? A good comparison chart below may help make the choice an easier one:


  • Pet stays in the home uninterrupted, going on with their daily routine
  • Supervised with either daily visits with the sitter, or the sitter stays at the house the whole time you are away
  • Sitter can also help with other chores while you are gone: plant watering, mail pick up, leaving lights on so people think there is someone home, car parked in the driveway


  • Usually need to go for a pre-visit to see if they will accept your pet
  • Space for dogs to play is usually a small space, with many dogs (large and small) contained in one area
  • Small number of employees on staff, however some available on 24 hour call
  • Pets need to be updated on all shots, flea treatments, etc. before interacting with other animals
  • Most boarding facilities offer some “comfort” services such as tv’s, bed, and individual attention for your pet to make it feel more at home

Pet Containment: Remember, if you have animals, to always make sure they stay safe and secure in a fenced in lot in your yard. Whether you hire a pet sitter, or it’s just for everyday use, a fence is the best containment for your loveable pets. Active Yards has a wide range of pet-friendly fences that are both secure and stylish. Click through the gallery of images to see what would work best for keeping your furry friends safe!

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Unique and Decorative Window Boxes - Ideal for Summer and Fall Flowers

A pretty garden doesn’t have to be on the ground, hidden in your back yard. Bring the garden to your windowsill while upgrading your home's curb appeal with a stylish window box, perfect for planting a wide assortment of colorful flowers and pretty greens. Simply purchase, hang, plant and enjoy watching them grow.

Several unique window box styles include:

Scroll Iron: comes with 1/4" pre-drilled holes and a Coco Coir liner for simple installation and quick planting. Simply mount, add soil, and fill with your favorite flowers.

Cedar: made from sustainable, untreated western red cedar, this sturdy window box naturally resists rot and insects.

Self-watering: this self-watering Balconera sports an outdoor look with a Mediterranean wicker styling. The plastic exterior resists all weather and features an irrigation system that ensures plants get just the right amount of water.

White gate: has all the style but requires none of the maintenance. Made from cast aluminum, it's lightweight and painted with a distressed finish for a weathered look.

ActiveYards offers homeowners several styles of decorative fences that will compliment your gardens and window boxes, and provide curb appeal that will 

have your neighbors doing a double take! There is no better way to create a backdrop for flowers and landscape designs than an ActiveYards Fencing System. Sometimes just a few panels make a huge impression! Define your life and embrace your style.

Are you crafty?

Try your hand at creating this easy DIY flower-filled window box, courtesy of Bob Vila. Click on the link below to find materials and tools needed, and easy step-by-step instructions.




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