Eco - Conscious Millennials
What are Millennials Looking For In An Updated Backyard?

Eco-conscious millennials are looking for unique items in a backyard when searching for their first home…not just a typical pool, patio or flower bed.  According to a recent article featured on, they found that millennials are looking for vegetable gardens, advanced security items, stone fire pits, and even wood-burning pizza ovens!

While homeowners customarily have taken advantage of good weather in springtime to add such backyard upgrades as patios or pools, the study suggests that millennial owners and buyers are going in a different direction. “They’re making their own pizza outdoors with vegetables they grow in their garden.” Millennials are particularly eco-conscious when it comes to landscaping and outdoor improvements, adding rain barrels to trap storm water, planting only native species and grasses, and looking for ways to reduce watering needs. About 32% of millennials plan to buy homes over the next two years, compared with 25% a year ago, according to the American Express spending and saving tracker, which surveyed 1,800 adults in February.

And according to, an online database for residential design, 75% of all homeowners (not just millennials) who are planning outdoor projects in 2016 will start in the backyard. Overall, about three-quarters of U.S. homeowners plan to embark on a home-improvement project this year. Of those homeowners making improvements, one-quarter said they would make landscaping improvements, while about 12% said they’d be building or improving a deck or patio, and 7% would include an outdoor kitchen or enclosed barbecue grill.


Spring has Sprung!
Spring Gardening - Month of May Tips

No matter what part of the country you live in, May is a great month to get outside and begin working in the garden. Depending on which region you reside , has some ideas to get you going.

Northwest: check irrigation system is in good working condition to water plants and vegetables

California:  plant scented basil or other refreshing herbs

Southwest:  add flowering plants to attract pollinators to the vegetable garden

Rocky Mountains: plant vegetables and annuals after the last frost

Texas:  decrease lawn space so you won’t have to water as much

Central Plains:  plant perennials such as a Shooting Star

Great Lakes:  plant Iris bushes – reblooming irises bloom again in the fall

Northeast: snip or prune rampant growth, make sure there is room for new blooms to emerge

Mid-Atlantic: plant peonies, which can be brought indoors for added beauty within the home

Southeast:  roses are in full bloom, don’t prune as much so they grow full and tall


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