Top Outdoor Trends 2016
Start your year off right by updating your yards!

As a new year begins, thoughts start to wander to warmer days ahead, and beginning stages of planning our yards for the upcoming Spring and Summer months. Will gardens be planted? What flowers will we choose? Will we add a new fence, or update an existing one? Will we buy new patio furniture? Every year it seems outdoor living spaces are growing and gaining widespread popularity across the country for events like parties, cooking, swimming, and just enjoying time outdoors with family and friends.

According to Hardware Retailing magazine, this is what consumers have been making an investment in over the past few years:


The main trend in the outdoor living sector is the fact that today’s homeowners seem willing to sacrifice indoor space as long as they can do some of their living outdoors. Larger, gourmet outdoor kitchens are being installed. Fire pits are being added. Deck and patio spaces are increasing. Lights, music, decorations add the perfect finish.

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Source:Hardware Retailing magazine, “5 Trends in Outdoor Living” Web.


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