Easy Ways to Be Eco-Friendly
Conserve Energy Future gives us easy ways to help become more Eco-Friendly.

We all strive to be just a bit more environmentally friendly…we recycle more, switch out older light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs, plant more trees, conserve water, and buy locally grown products to name a few. Communities are providing residents with recycling bins. And you see more and more boxes around town to drop off paper, magazines, and old telephone books for recycling.

Companies are doing the same. At Barrette Outdoor Living, our facilities are committed to being environmentally responsible. Each distribution center has a recycle program in place, and employees are committed to doing all they can to reuse and recycle non-useable parts, pieces and packaging that come into our facilities.

According to Conserve Energy Future, there are many ways we all can do our part:


1.) Become More Aware of Resources: Start by living with a greater awareness of the resources that you use in your daily life. Pay attention to how you choose to heat, to travel, to use water and use products that were made by manufacturing practices. Awareness is what will allow you to then begin to make environmentally friendly choices.

2.) Practice Conservation: With your new awareness of how natural resources are used in your life start to practice conservation. This can be as simple as turning off the lights as you leave a room and as complex as making different choices when it comes to building your home. Learn here more about 15 green home building techniques.

3.) Plant Trees: Trees are necessary for us to survive. They give oxygen, fruits, clean the air, provide shelter to wildlife, prevent soil erosion. A shady landscape around your home can help you to reduce consumption of energy and keep your home cool even during summers. Plant small trees around your home, don’t cut them unless it’s necessary, work with local environmental groups to plant more trees and educate others about the positive aspects of it.

4.) Conserve Water: Water needs to be conserved as lot of energy is required to pump water from rivers or lakes into your home. Conserving water reduces the amount of energy that is needed to filter it. Few ways to conserve water are – take short showers, fix leaking pipes, keep the running tap close while you brush your teeth, recycle water in your home, use water saving appliances, collect rainwater in a rain barrel to water your lawn.

5.) Change Your Travel Habits: Driving and flying are two areas where you can make a real impact with environmentally friendly practices. Choose fuel efficient travel options, travel less and try to pick more direct routes to save on fuel. If your office is near your home, try to ride a bicycle instead of a car.

To see more…. http://www.conserve-energy-future.com/15-easy-ways-to-become-environmentally-friendly.php

Source: Conserve Energy Future. Web.


Happy Thanksgiving from ActiveYards!
Country Living shows us fun ways to decorate for the holiday season.

curb appeal

We love sharing ideas we come across for decorating for the holidays. Here we share Country Living magazines’ festive and cozy ideas for Thanksgiving decorating – inside and out! Several unique, creative and inexpensive ways you and your kids can decorate for all the family gatherings!

  • Front porch and patio decorating
  • Centerpiece displays
  • Lighting displays
  • Homemade crafts
  • Family history showcases
  • And much more…

For a full list of ideas, check out http://www.countryliving.com/entertaining/g1371/thanksgiving-decorations/

Source: Country Living.com. Web

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