poolFall Fix-Ups!
Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but what about fall fix-ups?

It’s important to do that much needed maintenance on your home to keep it up to date and working properly. Fall is the perfect time to do all of these fix-ups, before it's too cold outside in the winter as well as the heat of the summer has subsided.

  • Tune Up Your Fireplace - Winter is approaching, which means you will be using your fireplace soon. Hire a chimney sweep to make sure your fireplace is in proper working condition.
  • Touch Up Paint - Your house has been through some wear and tear through the summer months so touch up some trouble spots outside by purchasing touch up paint. We even sell touch up paint for your ActiveYards aluminum fence - activeyards.com/fencesaluminum.
  • Upgrade Your Wood Fence Just like your house your wood fence has probably been through some wear and tear as well. Consider upgrading your wood fence to a low to no maintenance ActiveYards vinyl or aluminum fence. This will prevent you from having to touch up and replace parts like you would with a wood fence - activeyards.com/fencesvinyl.
  • Manage Drainage and Gutter Care - Fall and winter come with many different types of heavy precipitation. Make sure your gutters are prepared by cleaning them out and replacing parts that need fixed.
  • Lighten Up It’s getting darker earlier, which means you’re going to be using your lights more often. Make sure to replace all of your light bulbs now, so you don’t get caught in the dark!
  • Mind The Gaps - Look at your windows to see if there are any leaks. These can be a huge energy-wasters and taking care of it now will save you money in the long run.
  • Fall Lawn Care - Don’t forget to rake your leaves and aerate so your lawn doesn’t suffocate over the winter months. Also make sure to fertilize properly to prepare for the cold months ahead. To dress your lawn up take a look at our decortive fencing solutions that will add esthetics and appeal to your yard - activeyards.com/solutions/decorative.
  • Repair Driveway And Walkways Cracks and gaps in the driveway can expand in the winter, so hire a professional now to take care of them before they get any worse. You can also add vinyl and aluminum, walk and drive gates to dress your driveways and walk ways up - activeyards.com/AccessoriesHardware.

Image: Foreground Fence - 4x6 Home Series Slate in Black (finials sold seperately), Background Fence - 6x8 Haven Series Buckeye in White.


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Natural Decorations
There are ways to decorate on a budget. One is to use the nature, other elements in your own backyard, or and activeyards fencing system.

curb appeal

Decorating can be expensive, especially when you are expected to keep up and change your decorations with the seasons. One way to help aid the expenses that comes with decorating is by using the natural elements around you. Here are a couple of ways your can use nature to your advantage and keep up with the style.

1.) Use your fall leaves as a centerpiece. Make sure to pick leaves that are changing colors to give your arrangement that extra pop of color.

2.) You will most likely will be buying pumpkins or squash for the month of October and for Halloween celebrations. Once October turns into November you can spray paint your pumpkins to match the décor of your home. You can even sprinkle glitter onto the pumpkins while the spray paint is still wet to add some sparkle to your homes inside and outside decorations.

3.) Think outside of the box when it comes to your wreath. Instead of your typical wreath, gather nuts and nut shells from your yard, then buy a large old picture frame (or make your own) and glue your findings onto it. This gives your door a traditional feel with a twist.

4.) Consider hanging a wreath not only on your door but on your fence gates. Your fence already provides a warm welcome to your yard, but a wreath will just add to that. If you don’t already have a fence to place a wreathon take a look at our website and check out our fence systems - activeyards.com/solutions/decorative.

5.) Fill up a clear vase with different layers of outside elements. Make sure to pick elements that give different textures and perspectives like nuts, wheat or feathers.

Image: 4x6 Harbor Series Chestnue Scalloped in Sand


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