poolHow to DIY in your backyard!
Creative experts offer some fun ideas to spice up your backyard this fall.

The trend of doing it yourself has become increasingly popular. From DIY artwork to DIY storage, there are Pinterest boards full of ideas. But are there any easy DIY projects for your backyard? Of course! Here are a few ideas that can make your backyard feel more like home and SURPRISE you can do them all yourself!

  • Create a Fire PitPurchase a fire pit from any home improvement store and place large rocks or pavers around the pit to give it a more decorative feel. Now all you have to do pull up some chairs, enjoy the fire and roast a marshmallow or two.
  • Washtub Planters -  Whether you choose to purchase some old washtubs at a home improvement store or a thrift shop you can use them as decorative planters. Don’t forget to drill holes in the bottom of the washtubs to ensure that your plants will get the right amount of drainage. This not only give your backyard a unique look, but also doubles as easy clean up if plants become over grown or if you want to change their location.
  • Bag of Greens - By simply using a cardboard box and burlap bag you can create a decorative mini garden. First cover the cardboard box with the burlap sack and then line the inside of the box with a plastic trash bag. The trash bag will prevent leaks from ruining the box, and the burlap sack creates a great aesthetic for your new garden. Now just add potting mix and plants!
  • Stump Side TableIf you have recently cut down an old tree or know someone who has you can use the stump as an inexpensive side table or for extra seating. If desired, you can attach wheels to the bottom of the stump to make it mobile.
  • Create a Pathway Using Stepping Stones - All you need is gravel and by adding stepping stones you can create a very simple pathway. There are even stepping stone concrete kits that you can purchase at home improvement and craft store that can make creating stepping stones a fun family project.
  • A Painted Canvas Area Rug - By using a drop cloth, old or new, you can paint any design to match your décor and make a fun outdoor area rug.
  • Build a Garden BenchConsider utilizing the same material as your ActiveYards fence to create a unique garden bench that will match your fence! This will not only create a stylish and unique bench that you and your guests can enjoy but it also gives your garden and yard a cohesive feel.

And don’t forget to surround all your outdoor activities and memories with ActiveYards Fencing. ActiveYards even has its own DIY program where you can install your own fence by using our online installation videos and instructions as your guide.


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Nine New Home Design Trends for 2014
Builder Online shares the trends that have become popular over the last year.

curb appeal

Whether you are purchasing and designing a new home or just looking to renovate your current home, take a look at these 2014 trends to see if you can incorporate them into your plans or if you already have!

1.) Scale and Function - In order to preserve energy many household have chosen to go smaller. Instead of going smaller consider the scale and function of specific aspects of your home. This will help conserve energy without reducing in size.

2.) “Private” Space - Many families are choosing to create a private outdoor space in their backyard and are branching away from the traditional “public” backyard. You can use a fence to do this or a natural barrier like trees. ActiveYards has privacy fencing solutions to help you keep your backyard getaway exclusively for you and your family. http://activeyards.com/solutions/privacy.

3.) Indoor/Outdoor connectivity - Bring the outdoors inside to make your home feel like it extends beyond the walls. You can do this by creating more opportunities for natural light and plant life inside.

4.) Covered Outdoor rooms - Create a retreat in your home by extending the indoors to the outside. You can do this by creating a covered outdoor room for your family to enjoy.

5.) Personal touches - It is important to make your home personal. Make sure that it reflects your family’s personal style by having feature elements in the décor. This can range from specific plant life in your yard to the type of soap you find in the bathrooms.

6.) More Garage Space - Your garage isn’t just for your car. Your garage can also be used for ongoing projects or storage for ideas that your family might have. Creating more room for these projects and ideas will reduce the clutter inside your home.

7.) Smarter Storage - Whether its storage in the kitchen, garage or closets make sure it is well designed. This will make sure that you are storing your products efficiently, and you might even find that you are saving space and creating more room.

8.) Entry/Exits - The entry and exit of your home is the first and last thing your guest will see so make sure it makes a grand statement that they will remember long after their visit.

9.) Dual-use Homes: Due to the economy families are staying together longer, and it is becoming a part of our culture. Because of this home design is becoming multi-functional for the different stages of your family’s life.

Most importantly, increase your home's curb appeal, be the trend setter for your neighborhood, and make your home stand out from the crowd with a beautiful, new ActiveYards fence.


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