poolSolutions to Keeping Man's Best Friend Protected
Dogs offer companionship and great company, but many dog owners also understand the challenges of keeping them confined to a yard.

If a bird or another animal is in close proximity, most dogs instinctively want to take off. According to petsweekly.com, "Fences make for good neighbors, and they make much safer environments for pets." 

When choosing a fence to protect pets, it is important to keep in mind the type of dog being contained as well as the geographical location. Additionally, it is important to consider any HOA regulations that are in effect (if applicable).

ActiveYards has several fence styles that offer security and protection, while also providing an attractive, durable and cost-effective solution. Furthermore, they allow homeowners to feel safe and secure when pets are spending a great deal of time outdoors.  

"Sometimes dogs just want to escape the confines of their yard, but it's our responsibility as guardians to ensure our pets are within our control at all times - even those times we're not physically with them," says petsweekly.com.

ActiveYards is committed to protecting pets with style and function. Keep what's important in and what's unwanted out by finding the perfect security fence for your canine friend today!


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Key Factors to Consider Before Building a Fence 
Building a fence can undoubtedly convert a yard into a private and safer environment, while also increasing a home's curb appeal. 

curb appeal

There are several reasons to build a fence. Whether you are seeking privacy, pool safety, security to protect children and pets or simply a decorative addition, Country Living recommends considering the following factors.

  • Check local building codes and regulations
  • Confirm and understand property lines
  • Consult neighbors
  • Choose a style

A fence becomes an extension of a home and should complement its overall appearance. "It's an extension of your house that can add a great deal of charm and character to your yard," states Country Living.

Backed by a Transferable Limited Lifetime warranty, ActiveYards offers an extensive portfolio of styles, colors, sizes and material grades to choose from at multiple price points. Learn more today 


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